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This is the homepage, the hot spot, the place to be for accessing your 10 Minute Zen training.

How we do things at 10 Minute Zen is pretty simple. No woo-woo spiritual talk, no confusing language and no namaste.  Everything is straight-forward.

Like this page for example. It’s the homepage for your account with us.  In the upper right corner you’ll see a menu with links to anything you need.  And below, you can access the training you’ve purchased from us.

Oh, and if you ever run into any problems, we’re here for you too. Just click this link to contact us and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.

P.S. As a reminder, your bank statements will show a charge from David Mark Media for any products you purchase from us.

30 Day Breathing


30 Day Breathing Course

This is the cornerstone of 10 Minute Zen and the first course everyone takes. In it, you’ll learn our foundational breathing exercises that can zap stress, anxiety, sleep problems and more. Everything is laid out in day-by-day order for you and each breathing lesson only takes about 10 minutes.