Weird Breathing Exercises Melt Away

Stress, Panic and Anxiety.

Makes Sleep Easy.

Maybe you’re fed up with feeling like your whole body is being squeezed to death by anxiety. Maybe you’re tired of feeling like you’re going to throw up several times a day from panic attacks. Maybe you’ve reached your limit from the stress of everything going wrong or everyone wanting something from you.

Or maybe you can’t even remember what’s it’s like to get a full nights sleep…but you know exactly what it’s like to lay awake angry, frustrated and exhausted…while worrying that you have to “get up” in a few hours. 

There’s no shortage of things that are supposed to fix these problems. Pills. Therapy. Folk remedies. But do they actually work? Nope. Not for most people. And worse yet, some can even make the problems worse. So your two choices are to throw money away month after month at cures that don’t work…or suffer.

But What If You Could Dramatically Reduce

Or Even Permanently Eliminate These Problems

Using Nothing More Than Your Own Breath?

Sounds crazy…like some type of witchcraft, right? Actually, it’s science. You see, when you have anxiety, stress or can’t sleep, there’s actually a lot (chemically) going on in your body and brain. In particular, oxygen, CO2 and pH levels are wildly unbalanced. In fact, these unbalanced levels are found in nearly everyone who suffers from these conditions (and in particular, they are found in the brain). 

Surprisingly, the simplest, fastest and most effective way to eliminate these unbalances is through breathing. Yes, just breathing. But you can’t continue breathing as you always have (in fact, your current patterns of breathing are just making things worse). Instead, you need to follow a “blueprint” of breathing exercises designed specifically to eliminate excess CO2, re-oxygenate your body and put your pH levels back in balance. Once in balance, those maddening issues you’ve been dealing with…can vanish. 

The good news is we can show you how to do these breathing exercises. The better news is that we’ll guide you through them step by step. And the best news is you can start right away, from the comfort of your own home and with complete privacy.

How Is This Possible?

It’s through our new flagship training program at 10 Minute Zen, simply called The Breathing Course. This training is 100% video based and contains over 5 hours of step by step lessons teaching you these powerful and life-changing breathing exercises. 

You can take this training from the privacy of your own home, you don’t need to travel, buy anything extra or try to find time in your schedule. It takes just 10 minutes a day. And you can watch the lessons whenever you’d like, anytime day or night, and from any computer, tablet or smartphone. 

You simply watch and follow along to just one lesson a day (the lessons are about 10 minutes long). You can do these lessons at your convenience and the privacy and comfort of your own home.  All you have to do is watch the lessons and follow along.  We’ll teach you how to put these techniques to practical use…eliminating stress, panic, anxiety and sleep issues. 

Here's What's In It For You

It’s your opportunity to learn a unique set of skills that you can use anywhere and at anytime to immediately melt away the feelings of anger, fear, frustration and worry. A set of skills that will bring you peace, confidence and certainty. And without expensive (and addicting) pills, embarrassing trips to a therapist or suffering without hope. 

You can do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home, on your own schedule and at your own pace. 

Plus, the skills you’ll learn can be used for life…not only for yourself, but you can pass them along to your family, friends and loved ones…anyone who struggles with the same problems you have. In fact, once the people closest to you see the changes you’ve enjoyed through our breathing exercises, they’ll demand to know your secret.

All You Need Is Your Favorite Device

and 10 Minutes a Day

10 Minute Zen

Our training videos can be accessed on-demand, at any time day or night, anywhere in the world and from whatever device you want.  You simply log into our site and start watching our video lessons.

Our video training is designed where you to take just one lesson a day.  The lessons are numbered and you simply follow them in their daily order.  Each lesson is about 10 minutes long.  

Each day, for the first 10 days, you’ll be introduced to a new focused breathing technique and you’ll practice it.  You’ll be guided through the technique, step by step, by the lessons instructor.  

Each day, for the next 20 days, you’ll be introduced to breathing exercises, which are a combination of the various focused breathing techniques.  Each exercise is designed to target a specific issue – from anxiety, to energy, to sleep, relaxation and beyond.  You’ll be guided through each exercise, step by step, by lesson instructor.

At the end of 30 days, the way you feel, the way you think…your life…will be noticeably improved, if not dramatically changed. And all just by changing the way your breathe.

It's Meditation For People

Who Can't Meditate

10 Minute Zen

You might be wondering if our training is some form of meditation. 

It is NOT

While meditation is a popular way to reduce stress – and while many forms of meditation include focused breathing – most people find meditation difficult, frustrating and time consuming

Our training gives you the benefits of meditation – and more – without meditation.  There are no uncomfortable positions to sit in.  There are no frustrations trying to clear your mind. There is no lengthy time commitment. And there is no “namaste”.

Our lessons can be completed quickly, easily and comfortably by any one, of any age.  10 minutes a day 
is all it takes.  You will look forward to performing our exercises – not look for excuses to avoid them. 

If you already meditate, you can continue as you always have – our training will only strengthen your practice.  But meditation is not part of – or required – with our training

Our Training Is Happily Used By Over 40,000 People

(but don't take our word for it, here's what they say)

"It's insane how well it works"

Wyatt Cook

"Thanks man, your stuff just works"

Alina Kurbiel

"This is so effective. Thank you!"

Mark Kus

"Wow. This actually works"

Adam Mace

"This seriously works. I'm amazed"

Ryan Kabir

"Finally something that actually works!"

Margo Anderson

"Easy to follow and it really does work"

Nadine Hunt

"This training works great. Thanks!"

Brandon Lindsey

Start Right Now For Just $10 a Month

No ridiculous fees.  Nothing more to buy.  And no sneaky pricing.

For just $10 a month you get unlimited access to our training.  You can watch our videos whenever you want, wherever you want and on any device you want.

You can cancel your membership at anytime, with no questions asked and no hoops to jump through.  That means you can try our techniques with zero risk.  If you’re not happy with our training or the results you get, simply cancel your membership and we will never bother you again.

$10 a month.  That’s less than the cost of a movie ticket or two.  Or a couple cups of fancy coffee.  Or two lunches at a fast-food restaurant.  And none of those things have the potential to change your life.  Our training does.

Plus We Include Bonus Training On

How To Stop Procrastinating

The Art of Being Prolific

We call it The Art of Being Prolific.  And with it, you’ll discover how to accomplish more in just 30 days than most people do all year.

No goal setting, no relying on willpower, no productivity apps, no spreadsheets and no “woo-woo” self-help stuff.

Basically all of the stuff that’s supposed to make you more productive and less stressed, well, it doesn’t work. At least for approximately 98% of people (that’s a real statistic).

The Art of Being Prolific isn’t a time-management course or a self-improvement course. It’s an action course.

We’re going to teach you how to take action, regardless of your circumstances (or your excuses). And then how to continually duplicate those actions into becoming prolific. 

Procrastination and “not having enough time” are major causes of stress in your life.  And we’ll show you how to solve these problems through a step-by-step system that will have you getting more things done in the next month than you did all of last year.

Have Questions? We Have Answers...

No. While the benefits of meditation and yoga are well-known, they take a lot of time and effort to achieve. Our breathing exercises shortcut the process by triggering mechanisms in the body and brain which give you the same (and better) results, but in just minutes.

No. Our training is based on science and nothing else. It has nothing to do with spiritual healing, the metaphysical world or religion. Just science.

No. The breathing techniques you’ll learn take only about 10 minutes a day to complete. You don’t need to change anything else about your life.

Some of the techniques we teach are designed to provide immediate, short-term results. Others are designed to build over the long-term. But just like anything else, you have to practice them consistently to get results. You can’t get “abs of steel” by doing sit-ups once a month and you shouldn’t expect to get results from our breathing exercises without daily practice either. Your results will depend entirely on how consistently you use the training we provide.

Our breathing techniques are not based on ancient religious practices or dreamed up by self-help gurus. They are based on science and are designed to normalize oxygen, CO2 and pH levels in the body. They are also specifically targeted for stress, sleep and performance.

At this time we do not offer any “one-on-one” coaching or personal mentoriing. In our lessons we address the most common questions people have, so it’s likely that your questions will be covered in the lessons too.

Yes. Remember, you’re just breathing. But we’re not doctors and don’t know your medical history, so if at any time you find yourself not feeling right, stop the exercise. If problems persist, consult a physician before continuing with the training.

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