Live Your Life, Not Someone Else's

10MinuteZen was founded by David Mark, a former U.S. Marine and martial artist. He and a group of other former military members, endurance athletes and mindfulness instructors were tired of the “woo woo” nonsense being pushed on the public. Things like manifesting your destiny through thoughts, curing ailments by drinking strange things or changing your life justs by thinking about it.

They knew none of these things worked. They also knew what did work…especially for combating stress, anxiety, fear, worry and sleep issues.

And they knew what worked because they had been using them daily in the real-world, sometimes in life and death situations. So they decided to share these simple yet powerful techniques through what they call 10MinuteZen.

It's About Action and Results (and science too)

The techniques, practices, training, knowledge and wisdom shared through 10MinuteZen are based on action, science and results. That means if you do A, you will get B.

It’s not about mantras, religion, a cult or saying “namaste”. It’s about taking action…very specific types of action. Doing those actions consistantly. And getting results from those actions.

If your tired of the pop culture versions of Zen, reading inspirational quotes that get you nowhere and are someone who knows you must take action to achieve something (rather than just talk about it), then what we have to offer at 10MinuteZen will be the perfect fit for you.